List Criteria

To be "Available Branding" a domain must be

  • available with and without hyphens
  • available in .com, .net. and .org

Check A Domain Safely 

DO NOT SEARCH ON OTHER SITES!    They might call themselves something like "" but sometimes their real name might be    If the name seems interesting, a partner company registers it and offer to sell it to you for only a few thousand.    Use ONLY the above link. (It is called "Domain name front running") Network Solutions has been caught doing this.
Do not just type in the name into a google search, what is searched for can be seen by others.
Using the link:
  • Separate the words.    
  • Do not specify the suffix.    
  • A name is viable only if it is not taken both with and without hyphens, and in .com, .net, and .bi
Remember that a cool marketing name is pointless if we cannot get the domain.   
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